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Hi Matt

I just posted you article on my blog.
I hope you will fin the time to feed your blog. You have a unique angle of view to share with us your ideas and your path.

Hope to read you soon.


Hi Matt
I've been working these last 5 years in Calais and have recently become very interested by the Emergent conversation..

I am in the process of returning to the UK to undertake an MA in Missions and Evangelism.Also the family need a break from he beating we've had here!!!

. I am seriously thinking on doing my Dissertation on Emergent Church in French culture... I'd be interested on chatting with yourself, also do you have any books by McLaren and co in French that I might reference are they available or has this been branded heresy allready ???

Also what if any missional or emergent churches are there in France ??

Many thanks for your help on this

Ally Kay
Pasteur Adjoint Eglise des 2 Caps Calais

Hi. Your comments about a contextual emergent culture in France are excellent. I feel that exactly the same thing is true about Scotland, which is where I hail from and live. Ideas, trends, and ways of talking about things cannot necessarily be transplanted into every culture, even in the Western world. I've found this to be particularly true. A committment to contextual ways of serving, talking, and understanding things is utterly essential. Keep up the pertinent observations. Stuart

Thanks for your post, Matthew. It's good to hear your thoughts on the "emerging church" in France.

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